Roll-out of Resilience Programme

Many practices participated in the resilience programme previously. NHC is now leading the resilience programme and will be supporting the practices in developing and delivering primary care resilience. Though all practices in the resilience will be participating in the programme the opportunity is also available for other practices to avail of the resilience opportunity.

The aims of the programme include:-
 Provision of a range of improvement resources to GP Practices
 Improvement of sustainability and resilience of the delivery of services in general practice

The federation has appointed an primary care services manager. Members will be contacted to provide details of the programme and PCSM support will be there within the programme. Practices will have the opportunity to contact NHC's PCSM directly through out the process.

Regular updates and information on the programme will be made through out the process. The federation believes that to deliver a resilient Accountable Care system a strong primary care system is a key fundamental. The federations involvement is to ensure primary care remains central in this delivery.
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