QI Bulk Purchase

Newham Health Collaborative's QI Bulk Buying project is another example of where we can add value by providing services at scale.  We are able to source a number of high-quality products at competitive prices to save practices both money and time.  During the first months of the coronavirus pandemic, we were able to secure a significant stock of PPE which we distributed to our members.

Our regular range of products has started with a small number of basic supplies, and will develop over time.  

Member practices can email nhc@nhs.net or call us on 020 3688 2385 for more information. 

  • GP Multi-Sticks

    • Urine strips
    • 25 strips per box
    • Each strip has 10 parameters

  • Stericlens Spray

    Stericlens is a versatile topical irrigation and wound cleansing system.  Its narrow spray is designed to help remove debris and bacterial matter without touching the wound.

  • Disposable Gloves

    Suitable for a wide range of clinical and non-clinical applications.

  • Cotton Wool

    Used for cleaning wounds and for padding and protection.

  • Spot Plasters & Aquagel

    Spot Plasters are particularly suited for use on most minor wounds and venepuncture or injection sites.  All have an absorbent pad to provide cushioned protection.

    Aquagel is a water-soluble lubricating jelly.

  • Feminine Health Care Speculum

    PELIspec is a strong, sterile, disposable vaginal speculum.

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