NHC has successfully recruited 7 Clinical Pharmacists (CP) on the national wave 3 pharmacy pilot in 2018 and 5 Primary Care Network Pharmacists (PCNP). Our team of pharmacists are currently supporting 9 practices and 4 PCNS in Newham.

Pharmacists are drug experts with specialist knowledge on drugs; how they are formulated, how best to administer those, side effects of the drug, how the drug is handled by the body; from metabolism to excretion and what to do if there are drug-drug and drug-body interactions (Renal failure, Liver disease, immunosuppressed).

The average pharmacists spends 4 years at university obtaining a Masters in Pharmacy. Pharmacists then have to complete a 12month pre-registration year before they qualify. To be considered for the current primary care pharmacy pathway all pharmacists must have a minimum of two years pharmacy post registration experience. Whilst on this primary pathway, through the Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education (CPPE), pharmacists must undertake a further 24months training to enhance their skill sets for primary care. This training period includes their non-medical prescribing course, allowing them to then be independent prescribers. Many pharmacists will also have clinical certificates and diploma’s to demonstrate their increased knowledge in how to optimise the best treatment for disease management.

NHC pharmacy team has a diverse wealth of experience, pharmacists have joined from Hospital, Community, Academia and CCG. This diversity gives our team strength to support the holistic nature of care in general practice.

In 2019 the role of clinical pharmacy was recognised in the GP DES contract and highlighted the significant contributions pharmacists can make to patient care and practice outcomes. Our team of pharmacists have embedded well into their respective practices and are making a big difference to the patient care and the wider healthcare system.

If you would like to find out more about our pharmacy team and how they support their practices please contact NHC on nhc@nhs.net

If you would like further information and detail about the role please visit https://www.england.nhs.uk/gp/our-practice-teams/cp-gp/