The Board of Newham Health Collaborative, Newham GP Federation thanks its members for the support over the last year. Ensuring the Board has strong governance so Newham GP interest is maintained has been a key focus for the Board . The Board has been discussing ways of ensuring transparency. Each month the Chief Executive and Chair will use the foreword to share with members on behalf of the Board the latest developments and how your interests are maintained. 

NHC workplan

NHC is looking to develop its workplan for the year and will appreciate feedback from practices on what area it wants NHC to focus on this year. The sug-gested areas to reduce the challenge faced by GPs are

1. Doing the claims for practices
2. Managing the payroll function for General Practice
3. Managing the HR support function ( Includes re-cruitment, Interviews, Employee checks, Having an electronic HR system)
4. Providing the health care assistants for practices
5. CQC support team ( will do periodic inspections, will also do a re-inspection before CQC come in and advise on areas that need to be addressed )
6. Bulk buying solutions
7. Provide freedom to speak up guardian service