Newham Health Collaborative (Newham GP federation) has been selected as one of the national pilot sites for GP career plus scheme. The Scheme is part of an innovative programme as outlined in GP Five year Forward View. The objective of the Scheme in Newham is to retain GPs over 55 years of age who are planning to retire or leave the local system.

The purpose the Scheme is to:
· Develop the intended employment model for the pilot (in line with the set of national principles)
· Provide clinical capacity for practices to cover: vacancies; annual leave; parental leave; and sick cover etc.
· Carry out specific types of work e.g. long term conditions, access hub sessions, home visits.
· Provide leadership through: clinical training, individual mentoring and coaching, change leadership and or support for practices in crisis.

Our engagement with GPs indicate that experienced GPs may remain practising if they had an opportunity to work more flexibly.
Therefore, NHC is establishing a pool of GPs in Newham to test the principles of the scheme and then design a sustainable model to retain these GPs within Newham. We hope that GPs in the pool in Newham will help to improve practice resilience, increase capacity and provide clinical leadership. In return, NHC will offer GPs flexibility to choose when and where they would want to work in Newham as well as choosing from a range of work areas of interest to them. We think that the benefits of the arrangements will make economic as well as clinical sense in Newham.

If you are a GP (55 years +) in Newham and interested in joining the Scheme, please contact NHC on NHC will be delighted to speak with you and support your requirements.​​

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